Aida Libido — you know her as the Queen of all Media — Academy Award winner for her breakout performance in Stephen Spielberg’s Beach Blanket Bimbo. Tony award winner for her adult remake of the Judy Garland hit Eat Me in St. Louis! She has an Emmy, a Grammy, even an AVN award! Now she’s sharing with her millions of fans her first collection of hilarious adult humor.


“Love is a very big deal… especially if the ‘deal’ is over 10 inches long.”


In this first volume of her long-awaited memoirs, Aida shares the story of her upbringing as a circus sideshow sword swallower (“…which came in very handy in Hollywood!”) and went on to win the Academy Award for her breakthrough performance in Steven Spielberg’s Beach Blanket Bimbo, a Grammy for Torch Songs in Double-D (44 DD being her bra size), and a Tony for her Broadway turn in the adult remake of Judy Garland’s Eat Me in Saint Louis! Then there were the unsuccessful marriages: The rich eighty-year-old southern plantation owner, the pint-sized but massively rich Chinese rap singer, and, of course, the staggeringly handsome Latin count who’s a lady killer in more ways than one. And amidst all the drama, Aida just happens to spill the beans on the louche proclivities of just about every Hollywood celebrity in the news today! And so at long last, Aida Libido gives her millions of fans what we’ve been clamoring for — the truth!

“I’ve had nine husbands. Four of them mine!”


In Volume 2 of Aida Libido’s autobiography – What Becomes a Felon Most?! – our intrepid megastar fights for her life in the trial of the century when she is accused of the kidnapping and gruesome murder of her third husband, Argentine count Jose Delgado. Along the way, she discovers that she is the victim of a monstrous conspiracy to destroy her reputation, career – and ultimately – freedom. Just as in the first book, Aida Libido AIN’T NO LADY!!!, an endless parade of major stars make appearances to hilarious effect!




Christopher Easton hails from Los Angeles, California. He is a standup comedian and screenwriter, actor, part-time artist, and full-time educator with degrees in English and Chinese history (don't ask!). His hobbies are napping, scratching inappropriate parts of his body in public, and making his long-suffering husband roll his eyes. And just for the record, Aida Libido is his best friend and mentor.